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NHS Dudley LIFT Building

NHS Dudley LIFT Building, Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre, benefits from DMA Signs’ brand new ‘Sign Trak’ solution.

Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre, located in the West Midlands, has recently undergone a major signage project to complement their new site with the implementation of DMA’s new internal ‘Sign Trak’ development as well as external monoliths and safety signage.

The Centre in Brierley Hill has moved away from the traditional NHS blue in the recommended colour guidelines and opted for a simplistic option of black and white with a splash of colour to indicate departmental zones. It is also the first site to benefit from the new cutting edge ‘Sign Trak’ product by DMA Signs. This signage option is an advantageous alternative for the NHS sector as it is a much more cost effective solution compared to expensive slatted systems.

The DMA ‘Sign Trak’ uses digitally printed panels which are slotted into a slim aluminium frame and can easily be removed and replaced as signage requirements change, or need updating.  It is a flexible, robust solution and offers a number of installation possibilities including wall or door mounting, suspended and free standing options. DMA has used specific departmental colour coding and symbols to produce an attractive, bespoke design for the Centre.