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Great Ormond Street Hospital

DMA Signs guides the way for Great Ormond Street’s outstanding new facilities

Great Ormond Street Hospital has an international reputation for excellence in childcare and this high standard is reflected across all parts of the organisation, with signage being no exception.  For a number of years DMA Signs has worked extensively with the Redevelopment & Estates Departments and has provided signage solutions that fall in line with their activity for the hospital redevelopment programme and follow the brand’s strict guidelines.

DMA Signs has recently implemented signage in the new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building. This building is an important part of the hospital’s major redevelopment plan to ensure patients receive world-class care in state-of-the-art facilities, and also it enables the hospital to treat more children.

A new wayfinding solution incorporating different colour coded signage for zones to guide staff, patients and visitors easily around the flagship site has been delivered, as well as floor level directories, door signage, toilet ID, location maps and information points. All projects have been administered by security cleared and CRB checked staff to comply with the hospital’s working restrictions.

In addition, DMA Signs has custom made commemorative plaques which recognise donors who have helped fund the new building, and has installed them at various notable points throughout the complex.
DMA’s innovative designs and attention to detail have ensured that the sign systems maintain an easy to follow and patient friendly approach in keeping with the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s patient focus.