As a specialist signage contractor, DMA Signs understands the complex elements involved in planning, designing and implementing signing solutions.

In the majority of cases we provide a bespoke service to our clients and we have considerable experience working with architects, designers and contractors. We are increasingly involved in the scheduling and design of internal and external signage packages for public and commercial buildings and have the expertise to draw up a scheduled scope of work with electronically marked up plans, colour visuals of all sign types and budget estimates.

Our consultancy service encompasses four main stages:

  • Site visits to complete a signage survey to determine what is required.
  • Schedules are then carefully drafted which can include visuals, signage installation locations and photographs.
  • DMA reviews all plans, presents designs and fine tunes all detail before sign off. 
  • Budgets are prepared and a secure approval process is followed before work is carried out.


Case Studies