With an increasing number of enquiries for signage that is suitable for people with Dementia or learning difficulties, DMA Signs have created a full range of simple easy to read 3D Pictorial signs which have been successfully implemented in a number of organisations, including hospitals, care homes, schools and local councils.

The main problem for many organisations tends to be the clearness and simplicity of wayfinding signage. Dementia is such a broad term used to describe people with a variety of brain disorders or damage with memory loss and much of the signage products available on the market are designed to meet disability legislation which is usually inappropriate for dementia sufferers.  

The solution for this is carefully selected pictorial signs which would help a person suffering with dementia to interpret the different living areas and therefore help them to find their way around. This in turn would give dementia sufferers a greater care for their own welfare and improve their sense of wellbeing whilst increasing their independence. 

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