Signage has evolved dramatically over the years and modern, changeable electronic and LED displays can significantly enhance your signage.

Monitors, interactive maps or touch screens are just a few of the illuminated internal and external signage options available ensuring visibility day and night. Neon illuminated, edge-lit, face lit or halo illuminated are among just a few of the many options. These are particularly suitable for high traffic environments where messages frequently need updating.

DMA Signs has developed a range of modern and flexible digital signage systems which are plug-in and ready-to-go. Just like traditional signage, all of the information displayed on our digital screens can be fully branded and we can also create customised front-panels in a wide variety of designs to complement your existing sign installation.

LEDs can also be used to internally illuminate a sign and the modern LEDs give excellent lumen per watt efficiency.  Whether it is a free standing monolith or a super sized company logo mounted to the front of a building, LEDs create dramatic visual impact. LED colourscan be Pantone matched and can cycle through a sequence of multiple different colours with selected timings and a range of transition options.

View our photo gallery to see some examples of recent electronic and LED signage projects.