Environmental Policy Statement

DMA Signs recognises and accepts that concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of the Company's corporate business strategy.

The Company will seek actively to reduce its impact on the environment to the lowest practicable minimum by recognising its responsibilities through a positive policy on safety at the work place, control of pollution and care for the local environment. Any threat of pollution from its activities and products will be identified and either eliminated or effectively controlled.

This policy has been reviewed, formalised and endorsed by the Company's Managing Director who takes responsibility for its execution and requires that it be a prime concern of employees at all levels.

This statement will be brought to the attention of all employees, suppliers and contractors and copies are freely available to the general public, regulatory authorities and customers.

The environmental action programme is formulated to implement the policy.


Environmental Action Programme

The environmental action programme determines the specific objectives for environmental control, providing guidelines for Company personnel who have the responsibility for ensuring that the objectives are met.

1.Management involvement: managers at all levels must take individual responsibility to ensure that environmental issues are considered carefully when making decisions or when planning and controlling work.

2.Workforce involvement: all operatives, staff or sub-contractors will be made aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with the environmental policy.

Accountabilities will be clearly defined within the management structure.

Appropriate training and instruction will be provided.

3.Contracting and safety: positioning of plant and timing of work are designed to minimise accidents, nuisance and unforeseen occurrences. The Company will continue to work closely with the relevant statutory bodies to meet all applicable legislation and improve operating procedures. Systems have been developed to provide the appropriate response to any incident which might cause nuisance or have other unreasonable environmental impact.

4.Waste reduction and recycling: careful consideration will be given to the elimination or minimisation of waste on site and the recycling or reuse of materials.

5.Waste disposal: care will be taken in removing all surplus from DMA Signs contract sites to workshop where materials will be sorted for recycling and waste disposal through reputable waste disposal contractors and in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1990. Where waste is disposed of direct from site, similar considerations will apply and management requirements and procedures will be followed. The Company will endeavour to maintain good housekeeping at its Leatherhead premises as a contribution to the appearance of the local community.

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