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Whitby Town Centre

Finalists for the 'Wayfinding Scheme' of the year - 2023 Sign Awards


The fingerposts included a bespoke finial and engraved fingers directing to key tourist locations. These included walking times and symbols to ensure the signs were as inclusive as possible. The signs had an additional lacquer to ensure they would remain well presented over a prolonged period, whilst still allowing a level of flexibility to ensure updates and changes can be made.

 Installation was carefully planned, ensuring RAMS, road permits, ground works and archaeological requirements were detailed and plans finalised, prior to commencing work on site. Special care was taken when erecting fingerposts close to the Abbey given its historical significance. Approval was gained from our archaeological team prior and during the excavation works to ensure all agreed processes were met.

 The wayfinding scheme was well received and helps connect key land marks and places of interest, through clear, logical and well considered signage.



DMA Signs were commissioned to manufacture and install wayfinding signage in and around the town. This included glass faced totems and bespoke fingerposts. The wayfinding signs replaced the tired and out-of-date signs in the town. The cost of the signage was met from the £17.1 million awarded to Whitby from the Towns Fund. Working in collaboration with PlaceMarque, artwork files were checked and sample prints supplied to ensure accurate reproduction of artwork. A single totem and fingerpost were erected just out of town. This allowed all parties to carefully review the design, craftsmanship and ensure good legibility, prior to the full production rollout. The glass totems featured low iron toughened glass faces, housing detailed ‘heads up’ mapping of the main tourist attractions and local amenities. They also included photographs from a local photographer, Karen Ruffles, giving the signs personality and connecting them to the area.

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